Members Profile – Joanne Barton

November 3, 2010

Name: Joanne Barton Age: 43 Years Running: 16   Major Running Achievements: 2005: Dallas Half 1:25 2005 Memphis Marathon 3:06 2010 SixFoot Track: 4:44 (So surprised to finally go under 5 hours)   Favorite Race and Why: Without Doubt 6FT. I love the atmosphere and the challenge of the race. My times have ranged from […]

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Members Profile – Ron Schwebel

November 2, 2010

Name: Ron Schwebel Age: 59 Years Running: 14 Major Running Achievements: 2005 Sub 3:00 road marathon 2007 203km in 24 hours 2010 10km in 36:41 Favorite Race and Why: The next target race, so that is the one I am looking forward to. Next Goal: 2010 Coast to Kosciuszko Why Trail Running?: I like all […]

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Running Wild Mountain Series

November 1, 2010

The trails around Woodford Dam have been virtually unknown to the public, being locked away as Catchment land beyond public access for many decades until late last year. When the Sydney Catchment Authority far-sightedly opened these areas to the public, word spread slowly through the local running and mountain biking community. Steep trails through quiet […]

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