Name: Joanne Barton
Age: 43
Years Running: 16


Major Running Achievements:

2005: Dallas Half 1:25
2005 Memphis Marathon 3:06
2010 SixFoot Track: 4:44 (So surprised to finally go under 5 hours)


Favorite Race and Why:
Without Doubt 6FT. I love the atmosphere and the challenge of the race. My times have ranged from 6+ to sub 5 hours. It‟s a long hard finish if you get it wrong but so good when everything comes together. I‟ve never been 100% happy with the way I‟ve run it, so I have to keep going back! Next Goal: 6Foot Track – This would be my No. 10 and another PB would be nice. Why Trail Running?: I am not particularly quick on the trails but I really like running them. I love the scenery, wildlife (even the adrenaline rush when you‟re surprised by the first snake of the season) Trails can be breathtaking and surprising and I have always look forward to a run when it‟s on a trail.


Favorite trail food:
I‟ve only done the short stuff so give me water and some GU or snakes and I am good to go!


Best Advice to someone new to trail Running:
Enjoy yourself. Take time to look at the view and embrace the atmosphere. Leave your watch at home.

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