Runningwild had staged 3 short course races, but this was the test – Runningwild’s first major race, the Glenbrook Trail Marathon. In the weeks leading up to the event there was much discussion about what numbers we would get for the day. Initially 100 runners was a ‘pass’ mark for our first year and we continued to revise our estimates. Race morning arrived and the runners streamed into Euroka Clearing. Queues formed at the registration desk and finally 180 runners lined up for the three events.

Runners set off at 7:35am and already temps were climbing steadily. All reports from the course were that Mt. Portal took an early toll of runners keen to get a quick start. Lots of positive reports about the single trail leading along the creek towards Red Hands Cave. Most marathon runners were cursing the evil race director that included the out and back down Pisgah Ridge Fire Trail. Some enjoyed the last 7kms of downhill running and others less so.

As the morning wore on, runners came in to a welcoming finish at Darug Campground. In the 25km race, Ben Artup (1:52) and Sara Burgess (2:02) were first across the line. For the 34km runners Martin Pengilly (2:44) and Narelle Patrick (3:12) led the way with fine wins. Finally in the marathon Tim Ashby (3:17) and Angela Bateup (3:31) took the honours.

Following in the winners, many runners crossed the line with satisfied looks on their faces. For some it meant Six Foot Track qualification and for others it was a chance to do a distance they had never before attempted. For quite a few it was a chance to tour a small portion of the world heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park and see what this park that is so close to Sydney has to offer. Whatever the case, runners enjoyed the day, together with the BBQ in the campground.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their time to help us stage this race. There are so many things happening  during the day and without these members, family and friends, we would not have been able to run this event.

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