Running Wild Race Report

Event: Knapsack Lap Race long course (3hr / 6hr)
Date: 26 January 2017

Australia Day in the Blue Mountains can mean only one thing……the running of the annual Knapsack lap race at Glenbrook. Every year, race participants, fans and crew don their most ostentatious Australiana garb; from tattoos and face paint to lairy running outfits.


Given the numerous events and various race formats that runners can enter, the Knapsack lap race draws the largest level of running and spectator participation of all Running Wild events. This is also the most spectator friendly event given that runners are cheered into the start/finish area every five kilometres.

Cooler temperatures and overcast conditions were a welcome relief from recent scorching weather – and many runners would also remember how humid it was on Australia Day last year. The race categories include the following in both 3 hours and 6 hours duration: men’s and ladies’ solo; men’s and ladies’ pairs; mixed pairs; men’s and ladies’ team; and mixed team.

Following the usual stirring collective rendition of the national anthem, led this year by Annette Bennett, the festivities and running got underway – both with equal fervour. The team names and “uniforms” were as interesting and as colourful as ever, as was the banter between competitors.

Listed below are place getters in each event. However, Running Wild congratulates everyone that participated and accomplished their own goals – whatever they were. Many runners use our events as a first step into trail running. We thank everybody that registers into Running Wild events to help provide a welcoming atmosphere to all racers, whatever their speed, experience and ability.


1.     Gemma Jenkins

2.     Louise Noble

3.     Kristen Brace

7 laps

7 laps

7 laps




1.     Chris Truscott

2.     Ross Lambert

3.     Mike Lichtwark

8 laps

8 laps

8 laps




1.     J-Lou

(Jo Brischetto, Lou Clifton)

7 laps 3:00:25
2.     Blackheath Trail Chicks

(Melanie Shields, Caitlin Perkins)

7 laps 3:22:37
3.     Full of Beans

(Linda Hernando, Rohini Naidu)

7 laps 3:32:29
1.     Country Boys

(Loughlinn Kennedy, Ric Auten)

9 laps 3:21:00
2.     The Cooks River Headbandits

(James Hauptmann, Nic Bailey)

8 laps 3:00:01
3.     UP Coaching Coaches

(Graham Hand, Brendan Davies)

8 laps 3:01:14
1.     Tomatoes

(Marnie Ponton, Tim Gowing)

8 laps 3:04:17
2.     Young Guns

(Jasmine Sargeant, Declan King-Smith)

8 laps 3:08:47
3.     Roger Roger


8 laps 3:24:08
1.     Scrambled Eggs And Achin

(Jess Madsen, Sarah Murphy, An Truong, Liz Tenney)

7 laps 3:22:04
2.     Blt

(Bec Sergeant, Linda Johnson, Teresa Portelli)

6 laps 3:08:22
3.     Girls Just Want To Run

(Natalie Schruers, Melissa Jay, Sharon Peatman)

5 laps 3:22:48
1.     Undertrained and Overconfident

(Luke Taylor, Mick Chapman, Jim Perrett, Paul Shoemark)

9 laps 3:15:35
2.     Poweron

(Graham Fletcher, Brett Porter, Chris Wootton)

6 laps 3:26:49
3.     N/A


1.     Team Four Star

(Earl O’Brien, Lewis Squadrito, David Parkes, Kristen Piper)

8 laps 3:12:29
2.     The Yorkshire Puddings

(Ben Jagger, Rachel Keenliside, David Jagger)

7 laps 3:11:23
3.     Zoo Ladies

(Lyndsey Fitz-Gerald, Hiromu Maeda, Yuka Imayashiki)

7 laps 3:14:29




1.     Beth Cardelli

2.     Larissa Tichon

3.     Anne Bennett

12 laps

11 laps

11 laps




1.     Andrew McConnell

2.     Tim Cochrane

3.     Philip Balnave

13 laps

12 laps

12 laps




1.     Lamingtons

(Heather Vrachliotis, Katie Slattery)

13 laps 6:27:00
2.     Girls On The Trail

(Carolyn Knights, Naomi Ramsey)

10 laps 6:07:31
3.     Girls Beat Epic Link

(Libbi Clarke, Lauren Law)

10 laps 6:08:57
1.     Bteam

(Chris Booth, Ben Allen)

12 laps 6:30:39
2.     Epic Link

(Edward Griffith, Craig Clarke)

9 laps 6:34:38
3.     N/A


1.     Team F.O.C.U.S

(Paul Waddell, Kate Tuckey)

12 laps 6:25:29
2.     Dirty Cheetahs

(Alex Asigno, Dorota Asigno)

11 laps 6:10:44
3.     Who Are We

(Lee Coady, Belinda Kinneally)

11 laps 6:16:44
1.     Topside Threesome

(Stephanie Roux, Kerrin Gale, N/A)

12 laps 6:19:28
2.     The Princess Runners

(Anna Cox, Melanie Riding, Naomi Arnot)

11 laps 6:31:30
3.     Cfitmess A Team

(Kritie Faave, Nerissa Nickl, Melinda Farrow)

10 laps 6:00:01
1.     Black Stallions

(David Riches, Jamaes Watson, Victor Correa, Greg Sawyer)

14 laps 6:05:29
2.     The Three Amigos

(Gary Robbins, Tim Mortimer, Robert McMahon)

12 laps 6:14:48
3.     Gunuppers

(Mick Fitzsimmons, Scott Cashmere, Russ Crane)

11 laps 6:18:18
1.     Ape

(Paul Ryan, Elaine Brodie, Alix Richards)

11 laps 6:22:33
2.     RW Crew

(Carla Sawyer, Martin Dugdale, Ian Sargent, Brad Smithers)

11 laps 6:26:59
3.     Three Amigos 2


10 laps 6:34:33


Congratulations again to the place getters and all participants.

A heartfelt thanks is extended to all runners and supporters for your cooperation in using the additional parking spaces made available by St Finbar’s and helping to alleviate parking and traffic congestion for local residents.

As always of course, RW events wouldn’t work without the wonderful support of our volunteers. Knapsack requires more volunteer resources than most events, so a huge debt of gratitude goes to all those that helped out – particularly Ben Berriman and our new race director Rod Titovs – who with the assistance of Ben’s experience, organised this race for the first time this year.

Special thanks also to Annette Bennett for singing the national anthem.

In addition to the ongoing support of the Blue Mountains City Council and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, our races are not possible without the services of:

  • Lucas Trihey and his team from Event Safety Services who offer tremendous support with their first aid service, knowledge and experience;
  • Peter and Simona from Snax on Trax are amongst the first to arrive and last to leave to ensure everyone gets their fill of pre-race coffee and post-race nutrition;
  • Brett & Lisa Phelan for having RW merchandise available for each event;
  • Chris and the team at XThomas photography for capturing all the action; and
  • The team at Tempus Sports Timing for accurate race times and results.

Apologies to anyone that isn’t mentioned.

If the first race of 2017 is anything to go on, the remainder of Season 7 promises to be an absolute cracker. Wentworth Falls is our next event and the fourth race of the short course series. Runners are treated to some of the most spectacular views and beautiful running trails in the Blue Mountains. This race is always a treat.

However, please note – the Wentworth Falls is already SOLD OUT.

We look forward to seeing everyone at Wentworth Falls on 19th February.

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