We are pleased to announce the Running Wild Season 8 event dates up to the end of December 2017.

These dates will soon be also updated on our website but until then you can still enter via the links below to each event.

As a welcome to next year’s event we are offering an “Early Bird” discount for all our members during the month of February.

  • For the Glenbrook marathon there will be a $10 discount off all of the three distance events,
  • For all other courses below there will be a $5 discount.

To obtain this discount you will need to either renew your current membership for $40 or for a new member, join as a member and it will cost you $60 this year and reverts to $40 for each subsequent year.

See on the trails…

Season 8 Membership


Glenbrook Marathon – Sunday 20.08.2017


Lawson – Sunday 24.09.2017


Kedumba Half Marathon – Sunday 22.10.2017


Narrow Neck – Saturday night 18.11.2017


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