Members Profile – Joanne Barton

November 3, 2010

Name: Joanne Barton Age: 43 Years Running: 16   Major Running Achievements: 2005: Dallas Half 1:25 2005 Memphis Marathon 3:06 2010 SixFoot Track: 4:44 (So surprised to finally go under 5 hours)   Favorite Race and Why: Without Doubt 6FT. I love the atmosphere and the challenge of the race. My times have ranged from […]

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Members Profile – Ron Schwebel

November 2, 2010

Name: Ron Schwebel Age: 59 Years Running: 14 Major Running Achievements: 2005 Sub 3:00 road marathon 2007 203km in 24 hours 2010 10km in 36:41 Favorite Race and Why: The next target race, so that is the one I am looking forward to. Next Goal: 2010 Coast to Kosciuszko Why Trail Running?: I like all […]

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