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What’s On Offer?

At the start of Season Five the committee asked itself the question, what benefit do members get from joining Running Wild? After deliberation we believed that we had to put our money where our mouth was and lower entry costs. 

Membership and Non Member costs for totals of both Short and Long Course Series have been totalled, to see the difference if you ran every race. Please note, this is based on the longest option at both Glenbrook and Knapsack, this cost would be lower again with shorter options. For a runner participating in a larger ultra, you can race all 9 races as a member for around the same price as a larger one day ultra.

  Member Fee Short Course Long Course Total Cost
Member 40 150 245 435
Non Member 0 250 320 570
Short Course Lawson Kedumba Narrowneck Wenty Falls Mt Portal Total Cost
Member 30 30 30 30 30 150
Non Member 50 50 50 50 50 250
Long Course Glenbrook Knapsack Mt Solitary Total Cost
Member 80 50 115 245
Non Member 105 70 145 320