We have had many requests over the years to also include the Mt Solitary half, held only in Season 1, back into the Mt Solitary Ultra. Running from Queen Victoria to the Golden Stairs, the logistics of this far was too much for a young organisation. In recent years, we have discussed this a few times, considered everything, said no a few more times, thought about it again and then decided it was time to do something similar again – we know we can do this now, but with a few changes!So this year, on the eve of the Season Ten we are ‘trialing on the trail’ Mount Solitary Teams for 2019!!

This simple idea allows those who don’t have a whole lap of Solitary in their legs to become part of this unique event!! So grab a mate and choose who wants to run over Solitary or who wants to savour the valley vistas In the test run of this event, runners will:

  • Be limited to 25 teams of 2 people
  • Use the same qualifiers as the Ultra.
  • Use the same mandatory gear as the Ultra.
  • Have the same cut offs as the Ultra.
  • Be required to have their own transport to and from Fuber Steps aid station and must remember to give your team member the keys to your car when you set off on the second leg across the valley, so they can drive back to meet you at the finish line!

The team will need to register (best name wins a …) before both runners complete their own registration under the team name. Costing is in the final stages with the treasurer and a members discount will be available on registration. It includes an event T-Shirt, Medal and the obligatory Sausage Sambo and drink from Snax on Trax!! We are hoping that this event will contribute to the casual low-key atmosphere, trail running experience we offer at Running Wild. At the moment, there is no guarantee that this will be a continuing event, butwewill gauge the interest and runner reactions before further consideration of teams in future Mount Solitary Ultras.In the meantime, be a part of history – get involved! Entries will open on the 7 January at 9:00am and will be found at the top of the page. If you have any questions, please email runningwildnsw@gmail.com Remember, Mt Solitary Ultra will sell out!