Mt Solitary Ultra update – 20th January 2024

We’ve really missed our Mt Solitary ultra event – we’ve been unable to hold it since 2021 for multiple reasons. Sadly, the same is true for 2024 – with the recent landslide on the Federal Pass, the section of trail between Scenic World and Golden Stairs now closed and unlikely to be open by April.

After much thought, we have made the decision that the Mt Solitary Ultra is an iconic race and anything other than the full loop that we all know and love is not the Mt Solitary ultra and would take away the joy and challenge of running this course.

So we are really sad to announce that Mt Solitary Ultra will not go ahead in April 2024. We will patiently wait for another year and hope that 2025 will be the year the Mt Solitary Ultra will re-start! (And believe us, when it does re-start, we will be dancing from the rooftops and it will be worth waiting for!)

We are so sorry. We have been thwarted by nature for another year.

See you for Mt Solitary in 2025!


This course is spectacular. It has all the facets of what trail running is about – fast downhill fire/single trail, gnarly uphill, stairs, rolling single trail, creek/river crossings, rock clambering and diverse flora. Best of all, you will be tested to the hilt and be rewarded with stunning views all over the course. If you are aiming for The North Face, this race should suit you. We hope to see a few of you out there. For the latest info view our “2021 Mt Solitary Information Pack” and “Mandatory Gear – Information pack”.

For anyone not familiar with the area, the course circles the Jamison Valley and takes in portions of The North Face course. The most significant part of the course, as the name implies, is the traverse over Mt. Solitary. There are qualifying standards contained in the information pack. All cuts are designed to ensure that runners complete the course in daylight hours. There will be a fair degree of self sufficiency in the first portion of the 45km course. There is no other way to describe this portion of the course, other than rugged, steep and technical in parts. The course will be marked, but there will still need to be a degree of self navigation to remain on course. We don’t expect this race to sell out in a day; however we do expect this race to fill up. There will be no waitlist so get in early to avoid disappointment.

Reproduced with permission from Martin Solms


RESULTS can be found on Tempus Timing

Race Records

Name Time Distance Year
Scott Hawker 4:23:41 45km 2014
Jodie Earl 5:27:20 45km 2019