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This course is spectacular. It has all the facets of what trail running is about – fast downhill fire/single trail, gnarly uphill, stairs, rolling single trail, creek/river crossings, rock clambering and diverse flora. Best of all, you will be tested to the hilt and be rewarded with stunning views all over the course. If you are aiming for The North Face, this race should suit you. We hope to see a few of you out there. For the latest info view our “Mt Solitary Season 10 Information Pack”, also “Mandatory Gear – Information pack”.

Mt Solitary Update:

Mt Solitary is currently scheduled for the 5th April, but we all know the Ruined Castle and the Erskine Creek fires have been burning in the areas of the Blue Mtns that the Mt Solitary course passes over.

Monday saw some good news – thanks to all the heavy rain over the last days, the threat of bushfire in the Blue Mountains is now over – the Grose Valley, Ruined Castle, Erskine Creek, Gospers Mountain and Green Wattle Creek fires are all now out, which is so good to hear! (Have a look at the Fires Near Me app – those fires have all been removed!)

The fires may be out, but we do know the area has been impacted by these fires and requires assessment by the authorities. NPWS are hoping to make the area safe prior to the event, but at the moment, its still unknown if this can be done in time. They hope to give us a final decision on the event by the start of March, so please bear with us as we work with them to know whats possible, i.e. existing course, modified course or no run. We will keep you updated with information as soon as we know it.

Lastly, with regards to training in the mountains, please respect the closures that remain in place in the areas impacted by fire. Whilst the fires may no longer be burning, the recent wild weather will have had further impact on already damaged land. Monitor the NPWS website for up to date information on closed areas. If an area is closed, then stay out. Its closed for many valid reasons.

If you have any questions, please contact us via our email address.

For anyone not familiar with the area, the course circles the Jamison Valley and takes in portions of The North Face course. The most significant part of the course, as the name implies, is the traverse over Mt. Solitary. There are qualifying standards contained in the information pack. All cuts are designed to ensure that runners complete the course in daylight hours. There will be a fair degree of self sufficiency in the first portion of the 45km course. There is no other way to describe this portion of the course, other than rugged, steep and technical in parts. The course will be marked, but there will still need to be a degree of self navigation to remain on course. We don’t expect this race to sell out in a day; however we do expect this race to fill up. There will be no waitlist so get in early to avoid disappointment.

Reproduced with permission from Martin Solms RESULTS can be found on Tempus Timing   Race Records

Name Time Distance Year
Scott Hawker 4:23:41 45km 2014
Jodie Earl 5:27:20 45km 2019