COVID Safety at Running Wild:

This event will operate according to all NSW Health COVID- 19 public health orders and the Running Wild NSW COVID Safety plan.  All runners are asked to adhere to all guidelines at all times during the event and not attend the event on race day should they be unwell or have any symptoms for COVID-19.

Click here for our full COVID-19 Safety Plan

For full information on COVID-19, including symptoms and public health orders, please visit the NSW Health page here


Note: There are some changes this year due to the landslide on Glenraphael Drive, but the event is going ahead, with the full course being longer than usual.  Please keep the start / finish line area at Narrowneck Lookout clear of cars and refer to the ‘race day ‘ information sent by email to all runners for full details.

The Narrowneck night run is both splendidly scenic and refreshingly straightforward. From Narrowneck look out, the runners will run to the locked gate, then follow the only fire trail right out to its terminus at Clear Hill, then return. There are no significant junctions or deviations. 

There are no biting hills on Narrowneck as there were at, say, Mt Portal or Woodford Dam, but the track does roll with plenty of sharp ups and downs and on the return leg the gradual ascent from Clear Hill to the fire tower does take nearly three kilometres. The full option is usually an even 20 kilometres but note the long course for 2023 is 24.7 kms.  The shorter option will remain the same as previous years at 14kms, but will turn around earlier than the fire tower.

Narrowneck is a long, cliff-bound peninsula which divides the Jamison Valley from the Megalong Valley. As you head out, on your left is near-pristine bush framed by the Warragamba Catchment; on your right is cultivated farmland with Jenolan and Kanangra on the far western horizon. At the turnaround views of Lake Burragorang (Warragamba Dam) are quite clear and the Wild Dog Mountains are arrayed below you. Aid at the turnaround is still subject to negotiation so be prepared for a 20 (+)K unsupported run. If the sky is clear, you may be able to see all upper parts of the Warragamba Dam.

Race start will be 7.00pm. Registration will be open from 5.00pm at the Katoomba Aquatic Centre.  The race start will be from Narrowneck Look Out (NOT at the locked gate) due to the landslide on Glenraphael Drive.  After registering, make your way to the lookout – there are no buses for the 2023 event.   Please also consider bringing some warm clothes to get changed into at the end of the race; we will have a bag storage area. Please remember to bring a 500ml of water – it can be carried in a fuel belt, handheld or backpack, whatever you are comfortable with but you won’t be allowed to race without it!

Mandatory Gear Because conditions can be hard to predict we’ll require all runners to bring the following mandatory gear items with them to the race. Depending on the conditions on the night we will advise you of which items you need to carry (if any). If not needed the items can be stashed in the bag you take to the start line.

  1. A waterproof, breathable rain jacket. It must have sealed seams and a hood. It must be in a size that fits you. Acceptable fabrics include Gore-Tex, Entrant, Event, Hy-Vent, Aqua Stop, Omni-Tech, Helly-tech and similar. The following are not acceptable: plastic rain poncho, polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics, non-proofed/treated or non-membrane fabrics.
  2. Emergency blanket. Put all your clothes on and wrap yourself tightly in the emergency blanket if injured, ill or delayed.
  3. Warm hat, beanie or buff.
  4. Thermal top (Long-sleeved). Must be polypropylene, acrylic or similar synthetic or wool. Garments made from cotton, coolmax, lycra or “compression” garments are not considered to be “thermals”for the purpose of this event. You can wear compression garments but they cannot replace the mandatory thermal top.

RESULTS can be found on Tempus Timing  

Race Records

Name Time Year
Ben St Lawrence – Long Course 20k

Matty Abel – Short Course 14k





Celia Sullohem – Long Course 20k

Florentina Dulceanu – Short Course 14k