New to Running Wild, or just new to running wild on the trails?? Here are a few tips.

There’s not a lot you need to know about Running Wild, other than the fact that we love running trails, but here are a few tips if you have never raced with us before:

  • All our races have a need to carry at least 500ml of water. You can carry this in whatever you’re most comfortable in, be it fuel belt, handheld or backpack.
  • We suggest you wear some cycling gloves whilst running on the trails. The most common problem we see is people tripping over and placing their hands out to break their fall. Our First Aid team consequently see some nasty hand cuts – some of those even needing stitching. If you’re susceptible to a fall or worried you might lose your footing, grab some cheap cycling gloves! Even experienced runners fall, but many of them wear gloves and can certainly vouch for them saving their hands from bad injuries.
  • Look out for fellow runners – if you come across an injured runner, please stop and help them. Call for help using the emergency number on the back of your race bib or notify the next event official you see.

If you have never run on trails, here are a few things to think about:

  • Take a friend. Running is always better with a friend to chat to, especially if you get lost or run into some trouble. Friends are great for motivating you to get out there too!
  • Know where you’re going. Make sure you have an idea of where you’re going and how long you will be. It’s easy to take wrong turns or just ‘get lost’ in the beauty of running in the bush. Be aware; take a map if you’re really unsure, a GPS watch can also come in handy and a mobile phone – preferably on the Telstra network. If you are running alone, make sure you tell someone where you are going and what time they can expect you back.
  • Look where you are going – watch out for stones, sticks and other things on the trail ahead that can trip you up. Keep an eye peeled for snakes too!
  • Be prepared. It doesn’t only work for boy scouts. Take some water or something to eat if you will be going out, you will almost certainly be out there longer than you think. Enjoy an apple or orange at a new lookout, or just refresh with at the top of a climb with some water.
  • On more remote trails, take an emergency blanket, whistle and snake bandage. These are really important things to have – you never know when you may need them.
  • Enjoy yourself. Take in the scenery, enjoy crossing creeks, climbing mountains, carry a phone with a camera to take photos of the views and make sure you say hello to everyone else out there enjoying what you are!!!
Narrowneck Fire Trail