Do you want to see what the other side of an event is like? Are you injured and still want to be involved with the running community?

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Is your better half waiting around for you to finish and wants to be able to help with the race? Or do you just want to help the Running Wild crew as you’ve heard that its fun and you enjoy being able to give something back to the Running Community?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then we would love to have you help on race day!  We need around 10 volunteers for every short course race we put on and our long course races need a lot more volunteers than that to make the day a success. We are always seeking volunteers to help with several different on the day activities – such as assisting at registration, running aid stations, course and finish area marshalling, plus other lead in day activities, such as course marking.

As Running Wild appreciates all the help it can get, we offer a free race for every event that you help at – so if you help at a short course race, your next short course race will be free, or if you help at a long course event (e.g. Glenbrook marathon, Knapsack or Mt Solitary), your next long course event will be free as well.

If you have ever wondered about volunteering, hear what one of our volunteers Rebecca Cramp said….

“The first time I volunteered at a Running Wild event I was supposed to be racing but was sidelined due to injury. Volunteering allowed me to still be amongst the vibe and celebrate with my friends who were racing on the day.

The second time I volunteered was for the Mt Solitary Ultra Marathon, an event I am far from being able to participate in yet. This was a fantastic experience and afforded me the chance to learn some great strategies while helping runners at checkpoints, give runners that high energy vibe while cheering them on and be a part of such an amazing running community.

Running Wild is a volunteer run organisation and their events are extremely well run. I would definitely recommend volunteering to any fellow runner. I can’t wait to do it again.”

Running Wild is a not for profit organisation and is run solely by volunteers. Our committee are also volunteers and very passionate runners, who love to see people out enjoying their time out on the trails.

Please note that we hold an AGM every year and elect committee members.  If you would like to get involved with Running Wild and help with event activities and organisation, we would love to hear from you!

To find out more please email us at

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