Arguably our most stunning short course race. Runners negotiate numerous trails in and around the Wentworth Falls area. The majority of this course is on single trail and includes lots of stairs. Runners are rewarded with some of the most magnificent views of the Blue Mountains NP. Some of the views of the various waterfalls and the iconic Mt. Solitary and truly wonderful.

Runners start at Wilson Park, Wentworth Falls, by running through the Charles Darwin Walk arch and following a mixed dirt and boardwalk trail which hugs Jamison Creek, with a few dry-foot crossings. Several old swimming holes from Edwardian times are passed before the runners cross the creek near Weeping Rock (might get wet feet here) and following an old 4WD track uphill to the bottom of Chester Road, roughly 3.5K in. From there another old 4WD track hugs a fence line along the back of some houses, then turns right downhill following a powerline. This trail emerges on an old firetrail at the foot of Little Switzerland Drive. Through a gate and downhill to the Round Walk, a rugged footpad which emerges very close to the top of the Wentworth Falls itself. The course goes along the top of the falls, up some stairs to connect with the Under Cliff / Over Cliff walk. The short course people turn right at the conservation hut stairs and do a U turn at the Conservation Hut aid station.The long course people turn left down these stairs to the bottom. They turn right at the bottom onto Nature track, passing Lillian’s Bridge (NOT OVER IT), climbing to Edinburgh Castle Rock sign, and along more single trail and stairs to next junction, turning right onto single trail, leading to an old 4WD track which loops back to the Conservation Hut. From the Conservation Hut, BOTH LONG and SHORT COURSE runners will descend some more stairs, taking first left onto Shortcut Track which runners will follow till they reach a sign pointing right onto, the somewhat rugged Breakfast Point Lookout Track. Follow this track to the lookout then turn left onto Undercliff track. Again expect great views and possibly muddy feet! The track then winds its way back along the cliff face to the Wentworth Falls were runners will return along Darwins Walk to Wilson’s Park, where a BBQ and cool drinks await. RESULTS can be found on Tempus Timing

Race Records

Name Time Year
Mick Donges 1:23:10 2012
Ingrid Donald 1:43:29 2012