Hello Members,

Happy New Year, we hope your have had a fantastic start to 2016! As with any New Year and Season of Running Wild we like to trial new things to make sure that we look after the people who support us, you the member!!

To thank you and let you organise for the first half of Season 7, we are offering the first 4 races of the next season at current member prices. This offer will only be made available from Monday January 11th until Sunday February 28th 2016. Yes, you heard right the first four of next year’s races on this year’s membership.

We would love you to re-join as a member in season 7 as well. That will guarantee you the low member pricing at events for the rest of the season 7. Renewing your membership only costs $40, If you wish to do it now the link is also below. After Sunday February 28th 2016, Season 7 Membership will open and races will also be open to the public. The links to entry for the first four Season 7 events and dates are;

Season 7 Membership


Glenbrook Marathon – 21 August 2016


Lawson – 25 September 2016


Kedumba – 23 October 2016


Narrow Neck – 19 November 2016



See you on the trails,

The Committee

Running Wild

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