A little while back, we posted up information on season 5 events and membership on our web page and our facebook page.  For those of you who may have missed it, please see our flyer here:


Further to that announcement, we are now really excited to announce the official opening of Season 5 membership and all Running Wild race entries (as of July 1st). Included in this message are some links to help you find your way to the race entry and registration pages.  Here is a list of the next Running Wild races, their season 5 dates and their registration links:


Sunday 24th August 2014 – Glenbrook 21/34/42 km (LCS*)
To register, follow this link:


Sunday 28th September 2014 – Mount Portal, (SCS)
To register, follow this link:


Sunday 26th October – Kedumba Half Marathon, (SCS)
To register, follow this link:


Saturday 15th November 2014 – Narrowneck Night Run, (SCS)
To register, follow this link:


Monday 26th January 2015 (Australia Day) – Knapsack 3/6 hr lap race (LCS)
To register, follow this link:


Sunday 15th February – Wentworth Falls, (SCS)
To register, follow this link:


Sunday 22nd March – Woodford Dam (TBC), (SCS)
To register, follow this link:


Sunday 26th April – Mt Solitary Ultra, (LCS)
To register, follow this link:


*SCS – Short Course Series and LCS – Long Course Series


We are doing things a little differently this year, in that we want to reward our members for supporting us by allowing a whole month of member only entries before we open up the races to non members. There are also further benefits in being a member, as we have made some reductions in pricing. For members who enter the short course series, we have added an additional discount of $5, bringing the entry price down to $25 for an online entry and for our long course series, we have added an additional discount of $10, bringing the member online race entry price $20 lower than the corresponding non member entry price!


We also want to be open about positive changes to the event registration process. New to this season is an automatic validation of your membership against your race entry when you go through the registration process and this validation determines the event pricing that you are charged.


To be charged the discounted member pricing for the events you enter online,  you will need to ensure that you first renew ($40) or join ($60) Running Wild season 5 membership. To register for Running Wild Season 5 membership, please follow this link:


For every race that you then enter, when you go through the registration process, the system will automatically validate against your membership via your name and DOB. (Note – you don’t need to remember to do anything – the system does it all for you).


We are really looking forward to Season 5 – we hope you are too!  See you at the start line of some races soon and in the meantime, if you experience any difficulties, please just email us at runningwild@gmail.com.


The Committee,
Running Wild

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