Name: Ron Schwebel
Age: 59
Years Running: 14
Major Running Achievements:
2005 Sub 3:00 road marathon
2007 203km in 24 hours
2010 10km in 36:41

Favorite Race and Why:
The next target race, so that is the one I am looking forward to.

Next Goal:
2010 Coast to Kosciuszko

Why Trail Running?:
I like all surfaces for races, but for training, trails are the best. Apart from the obvious advantages of environment, the varied terrain of trails enables a faster recovery. This applies more so for races.

Favorite trail food:
Nothing in particular. In long races, my tastes vary, so I don‟t always know what I will like – except I like variety

Best Advice to someone new to trail Running:
Some runners do amazing times in trail races, especially those with big hills. That could be you! Obviously you will need specific training to bring out your best. If you pick nice trails, training takes little motivation.

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