Running Wild memberships will open at midday this Saturday, July 21st, for the 2012- 13 season. Renewing members will pay a $40 fee, new members will pay $45.

The Running Wild shirts last year were a huge success and have been spotted at races across the state if not further. This season all members will receive a Running Wild singlet as part of their membership.

As many of you know, Running Wild’s attendance has grown much faster than anticipated and we regularly had 220-250 runners per event last season. Organising events of this scale in mountains and the bush involves distinct logistical challenges- first aid response in remote terrain, waste removal, vehicle shuttling, equipment storage and cleaning, communications etc. To professionally cover these items, entry fees for individual events will rise this year, the exact amount still to be determined. We will make an announcement on this before the Mt Solitary race.

Also, we have finalised this season’s schedule. The most notable change is that Mt Solitary will permanently be the season opener, rather than the last race. The Narrowneck Night Run moves to October so people can start and finish earlier and the run now ties in with the Blue Mountains Festival of Walking. We also have a new course in the lower mountains in February at Sun Valley.
See the 2012-13 calendar below. We look forward to seeing many of you on the trails this year.

August 5– Mt Solitary, Wentworth Falls. 45K.
September 30– Mt Portal, Glenbrook. 16K
October 13– Narrowneck Night Run, Katoomba. 20K.
November 25– Glenbrook marathon.
December 16– Wentworth Falls. 16K.
January 26- Knapsack 6hr, Glenbrook.
February 24- Sun Valley, 17K.
April 28– Kedumba, Wentworth Falls. 21K.


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